About Us

The name Native Mushrooms was discovered on a day in my backyard with one of my mentors a the time. We were discussing the goals and intentions of a mushroom business run by a San Francisco native, such as myself. We had been actively educating our community and helping individuals grow or have fresh mushrooms native to our area. The company would act as a medium for people to connect more to nature and the greater community. Upon brainstorming names, I excitedly yelled out, “Native Mushrooms!!” and the movement of mycelium began.  

Native Mushrooms is operated by me, Niko Summers. The company provides education, home-grown supplements, grow kits, and fresh organic mushrooms to you through farmers markets, local delivery & pick up, permaculture workshops, speaking events, consulting, and more.  Native mushrooms is proud to offer an urban farm-to-table experience!

I want to show the connection between nature and community, and that all mushrooms are magical

We especially support BIPOC&LGBTQ+ with low income or who don't have access to medicinal foods, therapeutic medicines or permaculture education. So far, we've donated a large amount of our grow kits and products to communities who need affordable access. 


Meet The Founder

Native Mushrooms is owned and operated by Niko Summers, a San Francisco native, Trans* plant medicine practitioner and herbalist. He's a co-founder of Decrimsf, author of Mushrooms: An illustrated field guide, and stars in Lineage, a short film by Marjorie SturmNiko is a recurring guest speaker at The Oakland Psychedelic confrence and Bicycle day at the Midway SF